Advantages of the policy

  • Cash is readily available for purchase of a coffin.
  • Cash is readily available for bereavement assistance.
  • Cash is available for transportation of the deceased to the final resting place

How does it work?

The Group Funeral Cover is a product that is sold to organizations so employees and their beneficiaries may be accorded benefits in the unfortunate event of their demise. The funeral cover is applicable where the cause of death of a listed beneficiary is not war or related or similar acts.

The policy operates as per the contract and may cover in addition to the member, their spouse or up to four children or close relatives. In the event of death of a listed beneficiary, the policy will pay a lump sum to the employer either as a full payment or on a reimbursement basis.

For companies where cover is not compulsory for members, there shall be a six months waiting period before a claim can be made under the policy. For companies where it is compulsory for all members to be covered under the policy, cover shall commence immediately on payment of premiums.

The employer pays the premiums for the funeral policy. The employer may elect to bear the full premiums or have the employees contribute towards the premiums. The premium rates are reviewable annually and can be changed at any policy anniversary. The premium rates for various levels of lump sum payments are available on application at our offices.



Claims and claim payments will be processed and paid within 48 hours during weekdays and within 72 hours on weekends. Reimbursement claims are paid within 5 days. All claims are paid only upon receipt of death claim form and copy of death report. An indemnity form signed by the authorized signatories of the employer will be required in the absence of the relevant claim documentation/ evidence.

The claim payment shall be made to the employer. Where payment of the claim will be based on the submission of an indemnity form, the employer will be expected to submit the requisite evidence of death i.e. death certificate or death report within 3 months of the date of settlement of the claim.