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Goodwill Funeral Services, NICO, MASM Open Funeral Home

Lilongwe City Mayor, Julianna Kaduya, officially opening the homeLilongwe City Mayor, Julianna Kaduya, officially opening the home

Goodwill Funeral services, in partnership with NICO Life and Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM) has opened Goodwill Funeral Homes in Lilongwe.

This follows an already existing relationship between the three companies, whereby NICO Life is a funeral insurance provider, MASM a medical aid provider with Goodwill Funeral Services providing funeral services. 

Goodwill Funeral Services Managing Director, Anderson Green Mankhusu  said then newly opened funeral home,  with a fully equipped mortuary, gives NICO Life and MASM members confidence that in the three companies  they have trully committed partners in funeral management.

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NICO Life and NICO Pension jointly donated K2 million to assist Development Aid for People to People (DAPP) Malawi in support of the organisation’s COVID-19 activities in Machinga communities where it is carrying out a nutrition programme for Under-5 children.

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NICO Attends Mai Wangwiro Function

Mai wa ngwiro is an organisation that consists of a group of women around the southern region of Malawi. Their main objective as an organisation is to empower women financially and morally. Every month the organisation has a mega gathering consisting of all the small communities across the southern region. The organisation is founded and sponsored by Ndirande F.M, which hosts the most of their meetings are gatherings. The radio station’s air waves cover the southern and eastern region and some parts of the central, which makes their audience big.

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