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NICO Life Sponsors and shines at Institute of Bankers Golf Tourney

The Institute of Bankers in Malawi (IOB) planned to hold Bankers Charity Golf Tournament on
9 March 2019 at Blantyre Sports Club starting from 6:00am. Due to heavy rains that graced the southern parts of Malwi the golf tournament was shifted and held on Friday 22nd March 2019 instead. The golf was held in order to raise funds to be used for Corporate Social Responsibility and help towards the operation of Nkope
Secondary school in Mangochi.
NICO Life partcipated by sponsoring 2 teams at the tune of K400, 000.00 
50 golfers ended up participating on the day and NICO Life 2nd sponsored team of  Nasir Surtee and Paul Araujo came 4th in te competition. Standard Bank came in third place and NICO General a sister company of NICO Life came second. The team that emerged triumphant as champions on the day was NICO Life's CEO, Mr. Eric Chapola and John Gift Mwakhwawa. In his remarks, Eric thanked Institute of Bankers for hosting a noble event to benefit needy in society and thanksed other companies that sponsored the charity golf as well. he elaborated that his team had a good golf day and fellow golfers we played well as where he couldn’t par his partner managed to par. 

NICO Life partners MISA Malawi in Aerobics Fundraiser

MISA Malawi organized an aerobics session on 4th March 2019, at Moneymen in Blantyre and Bingu stadium in Lilongwe from 6 am. This is in a bid to fundraise for the institute office building in Lilongwe. The event brought together a lot of people to participate in the aerobics session and also provided a platform for people to network. The participants included people from all walks of life who are interested in living a healthy life through exercises.

NICO Life partnered MISA Malawi in the event through a donation of K400,000. The partnership is to support the belief that healthy people are capable of engaging in various economic activities that result in accumulating personal income and wealth creation for the nation. NICO Life showcased the individual life products that are on offer and of much interest was on the Tilinanu Funeral policy. A lot of people showed interest in the funeral policy as it provides convenience through quick claim settlement in times of death and its affordability.

The sales team mounted a Gazebos and highly engaged the participants on the products both in Lilongwe and Blantyre events.

Blantyre Team

Lilongwe Team


NICO Life Insurance Company Limited on 29th January 2019 awarded its sales agents for their outstanding performance last year. The event was held at NICO Holdings Boardroom in Chibisa House and was graced by NICO Life Board Chairman Mr. Vizenge Kumwenda who is also Group Managing Director for NICO Holdings alongside with NICO Life Chief Executive Officer Mr. Eric Chapola and NICO Life Chief Operations Officer Mr. Gerald Chima. Additionally in attendance were the awardees from NICO Life from all three regional offices as well as members of the press and some NICO members of staff.

The COO Mr. Chima gave opening remarks recognizing the presence of the various sales team leaders and noting it is a special day when we celebrate great works in a different way rather than just sales commissions. He extended a hearty congratulations to all awardees for job well done. He also introduced that for 2018 the ceremony had added an award for specific product for Tilinanu Funeral Policy of TFP as it’s now popularly known in Lilongwe.

The exceptional sales executives were then given recognition in the various categories they emerged victorious in as per the list below and all awardees received a certificate and cheque:
• From Mzuzu Branch: Wendy Nyasulu, Rhodah Muwila, Makoko Chirwa, Titani Tambala
• From Lilongwe Branch: Cornilia Millie, Caroline Chirwa, Macdonald Kadam’manja, Martha Benito
• From Blantyre Branch: Nitalice Phillips, Andrew Dalo, Alice Pete,
Overall sales executive of the year was Andrew Dalo who walked away with certificate and grander cheque.

The Group Board Chairman Mr. Vizenge Kumwenda in his remarks stated that he is glad to confidently say agents are number one ambassadors of NICO. He reminded the team that they play an important role when interacting with stakeholders as through the sales team people see and experience NICO. He went on to congratulate those who received awards as they are a testament of the hard work. “Nothing worthwhile comes easy, I believe in hard work and I am glad we are here. The bar has been set and all team members must work hard to maintain and exceed performance levels. These awards show you are capable of doing the work – don’t take your eyes off the ball” he said.

Speaking during the ceremony in Blantyre, the company’s CEO Eric Chapola said he was happy to confer the CEO’s Awards to the outstanding performers. He thanked the team for the great achievement of contributing to figures of 2018 and went on to reiterate the Board Chairman’s remarks that the sales team are the first brand ambassadors of the NICO brand and when they speak they must know they carry the brand and so must be alert on what is said and how they carry themselves. He encouraged the staff the NICO Life will also continue to provide tools of trade. In closing the CEO advised “mutu umodzi suzensa denga” and wished the sales team a more productive 2019!

Speaking at the ceremony on behalf of the sales team, one of the sales executives, Makoko Chirwa said she was excited to stand and speak on behalf of the sales team. She highlighted that receiving award is incredibly motivating and thanked NICO Life management for the awards and the various changes they are making to make the workplace a better place. She encouraged her colleagues to say “age is nothing but a number as if I can do it at my age so can youngsters”. In closing she advised she has been inspired and “will sell 100 Tilinanu in two months! Let’s keep it up and work together. We have been encouraged motivated and blessed”.





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