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The week beginning 30th April 2018 to 4th May 2018 was set aside by Reserve Bank of Malawi as an awareness week for Pension and Insurance in Malawi. The main aim of the awareness was to let Malawians know the importance of Insurance and Pension. The week started with a press briefing by the Governor of Reserve Bank in Lilongwe thereafter followed by a series of activities which included Road Shows, Workshops and the closing activity was the Insuranc

e and Pension product exhibition in the 3 cities (Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre) of the country which started on 3rd May and ended on 5th May 2018. To ensure no inter-company competition at the exhibition, Insurance companies were represented by the Life and Pension Association of Malawi (LIPAM) and the Institute of Insurance in Malawi.

NICO Life jumped to the opportunity to create awareness and was involved in commemorations in In Blantyre the product exhibition took place at Chichiri Shopping Mall; whereas in Lilongwe it was held at NICO Centre and Mzuzu event was held at Mzuzu Shoprite.

NICO Life and NICO Pension represented at the exhibitions by the Marketing and Business Development Officer Stella Gadi who is also a representative of the Life and Pension Association of Malawi (LIPAM). During the exhibition, she spent time explaining to people what Insurance is and what pension is all about.

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