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NICO Life Launches Tilinanu Funeral Policy

On Tuesday 11th June 2019, NICO Life launched a new product on the market known as Tilinanu funeral policy. The purpose of this policy is to provide cover for funeral expenses in time of death of loved ones. This policy covers the immediate family members (i.e. spouse and children) and extended family members i.e. uncles, cousins etc... Including parents of both spouses. The policy pays cash lumpsum immediately a claimed is made and verified.

The launch took place at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre. Present at the event were representatives of NICO group subsidiary companies and the guest of honor at the event was the Director of Administration for Blantyre City Assembly, Mr. Lyton Nkata. The director of ceremonies Mr. Steven Kanyoza highlighted how the launch was to make history with the new product. The product was specifically designed with the customer in mind, and Tilinanu Funeral plan like none other on the market. Most live below dollar a day and it’s designed that every person can afford it. NICO Life Sales Manager, M. Ken Thondolo took patrons through a presentation on the product citing “if you’ve had funeral before you know the need to have this product to avoid the panic that comes with funeral expenses. If you get policy you are guaranteed peace of mind as if anything happens, you’re covered and can afford a decent burial for yourself or your loved ones.

In his speech, the guest of honor, Mr. Lyton Nkata commended NICO Life for coming up with such a relevant product at the right time. He said death usually comes when one has exhausted resources in paying hospital bills or other expenses hence the lumpsum payment comes in handy at that time to cater for funeral expenses. He also said the monthly premiums are very minimal hence affordable to many Malawians.

In his remarks, the CEO of NICO Life, Eric Chapola reiterated that NICO Life aims at providing peace of mind to Malawians through innovative products and services. He highlighted how the convenience and affordability of the product provides relevance of the product to Malawians. He further hailed the accessibility of the product explaining how besides visiting NICO Life offices, the product can also be accessed by anyone on mobile through Tilinanu mobile. This is a mobile platform through which people can access Tilinanu funeral policy. By dialing *325# on either TNM or Airtel networks one can get the details about this product, register and pay the premiums for the product. This works on any type of cell phone.

One of the clients who has benefited from this policy is Mr Gringo Bamusi. In his words at the event, Mr Bamusi emphasized that this policy is very convenient and affordable. He encouraged Malawians to buy this policy as it eases the burden of searching for money to pay for funeral expenses.

The event was spiced up by a dancing troupe and Mr. Jokes also entertained patrons with real life situation on need for funeral cover as death happens unexpectedly. The event also saw NICO Life launch its Tilinanu testimonial video clip

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